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Welcome to www.bankaccountsearch.com. We perform bank account and investment searches anywhere in the USA and the World. Bank account searches can be used to collect on judgements, verify net worth of individuals and companies, or any other purposes. Bank Account Search.com searches bank accounts and runs investment searches to get to you the money that is rightfully yours. We'll run your asset searches.

"The world's leader in bank account searches"

Don't forget all of the places that people could be keeping their hidden money.

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Does your subject have an account about which you don't know? We understand that there may be any reason why you legitimately require this data. People do a hidden asset search before they sue someone or before any of their close relative dies. Sometimes, when their spouse, parent, sibling or any relative passes away, they need a search to track down all their bank accounts and investments. Quite simply, they want to try to make sure that there is nothing else out there that they do not know about. We specialize in helping people find bank accounts for deceased, judgment collection, court cases, probate, real estate matters, litigation and settlements, child support matter and more.

Locating Bank Account

If you're going through divorce or child support hearings and suspect that your spouse is hiding money, you can count on us. By locating your spouse's bank account, we help you know if he/she is being truthful in their financial affidavits. If you don't have their assets identified, even the judgment in your favor is nearly worthless. Bank Account Search is your reliable partner for locating their hidden bank accounts and other financial assets. Our service is reliable and comes with fast responses. We also make it easy for you to collect money after a lawsuit judgment. By running a hidden asset search, we help you prove that the other party has sufficient means to pay you.

We understand the type of information you need and provide it to you accurately at a competitive price point. If you're in need to locate bank accounts for gathering intimate details about another party, look no further. We perform all the searches legally and keep all the information you shared with us strictly confidential. Call us for more information.

Finding Unclamed Money and Assets!

Money and assets go unclaimed every day. There could be money waiting for you, without your knowledge. With the right means and knowledge to search unclaimed assets, you could find money...free money! We find unclaimed money and hidden assets left behind from such things like inheritances, old bank accounts, tax refunds, stocks and bonds, insurance returns, gift certificates, utility deposits, safe deposit boxes, government refunds, and more! Money could be waiting for you, anywhere that you have previously lived. We'll search in California, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, ...noticing a trend? We'll search in any other state, even Puerto Rico. All we need to claim your unclaimed money is a list of names, and places that those people have held residence. That's right: a LIST of names....we'll search up to three names for no additional cost. We generally get a result on your search within 10 days. You've seen us on TV on the Montel Williams show. We are trusted and respected, and are ready to find the unclaimed money that is rightfully yours.

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Affordable Rates: 1/2 of any other company
Strictly Confidential
Call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-473-7428
Fax 1-800-619-6731
Outside USA? When calling from outside USA please call 954-757-6070

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We accept Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover